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Re: Duplicate/Exchange Services (2 messages) Ann Ercelawn 06 Mar 1996 22:31 UTC

2 messages:

Date: Wed, 06 Mar 1996 08:34:01 -0800
From: "MORSE, CAROL" <morsca@WWC.EDU>
Subject: Re: DEU: Paper vs. Electronic (Linda Tilly)

We use the electronic lists, but are not at all ready to stop using the
paper.  We get paper lists from over 300 schools, and electronic from
less than a dozen.  Sometimes the e-lists don't come to us over the net,
and once or twice we were not able to load them because it required too
much memory.  The specifications for compiling and sending out the
e-lists were rather complicated, in my opinion.

Carol Morse
Serials Librarian
Walla Walla College
College Place, WA 99324


Date: Wed, 06 Mar 1996 15:34:33 -0500
From: Barbara Eastland <eastland@MAX.MUHLBERG.EDU>
Subject: Re: Duplicate/Exchange Services

        Now that several of you good serials people have mentioned it,
let me go a few steps further and ask you folks to *justify* doing
exchange work either electronically or on paper.

        My director has told me that the exchange process is too
expensive both in real money and in time consumed; we can purchase the
missing issues from a dealer or the publisher if we need them.  What can
I tell her, folks?  HELP!

        I know the value of exchanging; maybe if I can get some measured,
thoughtful responses from various places around the country. . . . .

        If you can respond at all, please respond off list. Thanks.

Barb Eastland, serials
Trexler Library
Muhlenberg College
Allentown  PA  18104