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Gifts & Exchange Survey (Thomas Leonhardt) Ann Ercelawn 07 Mar 1996 14:36 UTC

Date: Wed, 06 Mar 1996 17:25:00 +0800 (U)
Subject: G&E Survey

***Please send responses to Thomas Leonhardt (,
not to SERIALST or to my address as editor of the day. Thanks! Ann

<<<<<< Attached TEXT file follows >>>>>>

March 1, 1996

Dear Colleague:

        The following one-page questionnaire will take about five minutes of
your time. I am cross-posting this in hopes of getting a good response from all
types of libraries. I have also mailed the survey to the heads of
acquisitions at all ARL libraries so if you are in an ARL library you have an
option of how to respond, should you choose to. The paper for which this
survey is being conducted will also be made available, first at the Feather
River Institute this May and later as a published article. No institutions
will be identified by name and any budget information provided will be held
       If at all possible, please return the completed survey to me by April 13,
1996, via FAX, e-mail, or USPS. Thank you!

Thomas W. Leonhardt
Director, Library Technical Services and Head, Collection Development
University of Oklahoma
Bizzell Memorial Library
401 W. Brooks
Norman, OK 73019-0528

FAX (405) 325-7550

Voice (405) 325-2611

Gifts & Exchanges Questionnaire

1.      Does your library have  (please check all that apply)

        Gifts Dept.                             Yes_____        No_____

        Exchanges Dept.                         Yes_____        No_____

        G&E Dept.                               Yes_____        No_____

2.      Where are your gifts and exchanges functions located? Please check all
that apply.
                                          Gifts Unit is in Exchanges Unit is in
        Acq.                              _____                   _____
        Serials                           _____                   _____
        Coll. Dev.                        _____                   _____
        Other                             _____                   _____
3.      Is there a person responsible for gifts and/or exchanges with a G&E

        Gifts Librarians                        Yes_____        No_____
        Exchanges Librarian                     Yes_____        No_____
        G&E Librarian                           Yes_____        No_____
4.      Staffing levels - How many F.T.E.?
        Librarians                              __________F.T.E.
        Paraprofessionals                       __________F.T.E.
        Clerical                                __________F.T.E.
        Students                                __________F.T.E.
5.      Is there a budget for (barter) exchange? That is, are funds available
for buying materials to send to exchange partners?
6.      How many gift volumes do you receive a year? _________
        6a.     How many are added to the collections, i.e., cataloged?
        6b.     Are unwanted gifts sold?   Yes_____     No_____
        6c.     If yes, approximately how much annual revenue is generated?
7.      Approximately now many exchange partners do you have?
        Domestic        _____
        Foreign         _____