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Re: Duplicate/Exchange Services (Carol Feustel) Ann Ercelawn 08 Mar 1996 17:10 UTC

Date: Fri, 08 Mar 1996 08:41:11 -0500
From: Carol Feustel <Carol.Feustel@UC.EDU>
Subject: Re: Duplicate/Exchange Services (2 messages)

I joined Backserve at it's inception, and then switched to Backmed at
it's inception as we're a medical library. Is it worth the time?  YES!
I've received many, many issues that were needed to fill in gaps or
replace damaged issues for merely the cost of postage.  One title
would have cost $200-300, but I paid $5 postage!  In these days of
shrinking budgets, every penny counts.

Yes it takes time to inventory duplicates donated by docs or received
in the mail, but this would have to be done if they were offered to a
dealer.  Again, it beats throwing them away and filling up landfills.
I don't cringe when docs bring their boxes, I see opportunity for my
fellow Backmedders.

The electronic format is MUCH easier to use (IMO) than paper lists.  As a
near-sighted (visually impaired?) person, some of the type in the
papers lists were impossible to read.  I electronically file postings
(again saving paper) until I know if I can fill the request, and only
then print a copy to use as a packing list.

In case you can't tell, I'm sold on Backmed.  Thank you, Readmore, for
starting the list and continuing to support it.  I would encourage others
to take part in either Backserve (for non-medical) or Backmed (medical).

Carol, the Journal Goddess

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