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Imaging Seminars, Boston area Ann Ercelawn 11 Mar 1996 17:33 UTC

Date: Sun, 10 Mar 1996 14:54:12 -0500
Subject: Imaging seminars -- Boston area

Information Management Seminars will conduct two
professional development seminars on document imaging in
the metropolitan Boston area on May 7 and 8, 1996.  These
seminars are of particular interest to librarians and
information professionals involved in digital library
implementations, document conservation, and special
collections management.

The first seminar, entitled "Electronic Document Imaging
and Optical Disks" will examine the current state of the
art in electronic document imaging, emphasizing systems
that utilize optical disks as storage media.  The second
seminar, entitled "Optical Disks and Micrographics:
Competition or Integration?" will analyze the competitive
and complementary relationship between optical disk and
microfilm systems for document storage and retrieval.
Both seminars will provide practical advice for planning,
evaluating, selecting, and implementing document imaging
systems and services.

The instructor for both seminars is Dr. William Saffady,
Professor in the School of Information Science and Policy,
State University of New York at Albany.  Dr. Saffady is a
well-known author and lecturer on document management and
library automation topics.

The enrollment fee is $199 per person per seminar.  There
is a special package price of $350 for persons attending
both seminars.  The same seminars are scheduled for
California locations in June.

For a copy of the seminar brochure or additional
information, contact Information Management Seminars, P.O.
Box 84, Delmar, NY 12054; telephone: 518-439-2746; fax:
518-439-0968.  The internet address for e-mail
communications is