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Summary of policies on lost/damaged bound vols. (Nancy Cadmus) Ann Ercelawn 11 Mar 1996 21:10 UTC

Date: Mon, 11 Mar 1996 13:35:32 -0500
From: Nancy Cadmus <CADMUSN@AC.GRIN.EDU>
Subject: summary of policies on lost/damaged bound volumes

Seven libraries responded to my query of two weeks ago about charges to
patrons for lost or damaged bound serials.  They range from quite small (500
titles) to large state colleges.

Three libraries charge actual replacement cost plus a processing fee.  They
determine replacement cost by contacting the publisher and/or back issue
dealers; if a replacement is not available, they estimate what it would cost
if it were available.  The processing fees at these three institutions are
$10, $15, and $25.

Three other libraries have a set minimum fee which applies when the
replacement cost is lower than that minimum and when the replacement cost
cannot be determined.  These fees are $100 at two libraries and $200 at the
third.  At all three of these libraries, whenever the actual replacement cost
is known to exceed the minimum fee, the patron is charged full cost.

The seventh library charges $10 per lost issue and $100 per lost volume,
without reference to actual replacement cost.

Thanks, everyone, for your help!

Nancy Cadmus
Grinnell College Library
Grinnell, IA