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LISR: an e-journal (fwd) Marcia Tuttle 15 Mar 1996 13:12 UTC

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Date: Thu, 14 Mar 1996 17:26:50 -0600
From: Shixing Wen <shwen@SIU.EDU>
Subject: LISR: an e-journal


                 The Library & Information Science Research:
                     an International Electronic Journal

                               Call for Paper

The Library & Information Science Research: an International Electronic
Journal (LISR) is a peer-reviewed scholarly e-journal. It publishes articles
that present authors' theoretical exploration or research findings as well
as their applications in librarianship and information science.

All article contributions should be submitted in the electronic format in
the following methods:
        1. via e-mail (as mail messages or as attached documents
           or files) to the Editor [];
    or  2. via ftp (In this case, you need to contact the Editor
           []for an ftp address, username and password.)

If your article is too long for your email system to handle, try to send it
in separate parts or as an attached document or file to your email message.

In contrast with the traditional print journal, our e-journal does not
impose limitation to the article length. In other words, our authors don't
need to confine their thought to the arbitrary limit of a fixed space.

LISR adopts the Publication Manual of the American Psychological
Association, (4th ed.) for its reference style, with the following
        1. spell out the first or given name of the author,
           rather than using the initial letter;
        2. use quotation marks to cite an article in a journal
           or chapter in an edited book;
        3. italicize rather than underline the title of a book
           or a journal.

All copyrights belong to the author, not to the LISR. He or she is
therefore permitted to republish his or her article anywhere else. The LISR
does retain the right to maintain a copy of those articles on each of its
various electronic publishing channels.

LISR is published through the following channels:
        LISR Web Page [];
        ICLC Listserv [];
        ICLC FTP Site [];
        Direct E-Mail Delivery to Subscribers.

The frequency of this publication will be biannual to start with and may
change in future, depending on the quantity and quality of articles
submitted. In principle, we will strive to publish your articles as soon as
possible so as to facilitate information exchange with this electronic
medium in this electronic age. The format of electronic publication frees us
from the bondage of fixed frequencies, thus enabling us to cater better to
the publication needs of our authors in a timely manner.

LISR is scheduled to publish its inauguration issue on June 1, 1996. Hereby,
we cordially solicit article contributions. Please refer to the Guidelines
for Article Contributions for proper methods of contribution.

To subscribe to the Library & Information Science Research: an International
Electronic Journal, you may either send a subscription message to the Editor
via email at, or subscribe to our ICLC Listserv.

For details about the Library & Information Science Research: an
International Electronic Journal, please visit our web pages at: