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Outsourcing Workshop Marcia Tuttle 15 Mar 1996 21:51 UTC

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May 3, 1996
8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Industry Hills Sheraton
City of Industry, CA

You've read the headlines.

  "International Corporate Study Finds 93% to Outsource by Year 1998:  91% Who
Outsource Satisfied"

  "Drucker Says in Ten Years Companies Will Outsource All Work that
Does Not Career-Ladder Up to Senior Management"

  "Baker & McKenzie Shelves Librarians:  Library Professionals Worry Bargain-
Hunting Firms Will Look to Outsourcing"

"Outsourcing Library Services:  Death Knell for the Profession or An Idea Whose
Time Has Come?"

Now come and see for yourself.

You've read the headlines.  You've heard the reports of library closures
in some of the nation's leading corporations and institutions.  You've
seen familiar vendors shifting from ally to competitor.

Is outsourcing the unavoidable outcome of the rise of the Virtual Library?
Will end-user searching, document delivery services, universal Internet
access, and other information technology developments merge with
telecommuting, "virtual corporations", the global economy, and other broad
business trends to finish institutionally based libraries and information

What happens to traditional information professionals in this new era?  Do
we ride along -- reducing costs and improving performance with creative
integration of new external sources?  Do we fall under the wheels of the
new juggernaut -- watching our operations shut down, our jobs evaporate or
constrict to a bare minimum, and our colleagues reading pink slips?  Or do
we join the enemy -- design end-user services and absorb library functions
outside our institutions, convert our libraries into revenue centers
instead of overhead drains, work only for people who understand the value
of information because that's their business too?  How do information
professionals face the challenge of outsourcing  the opportunities and
the threats?

Come to the SCOUG Seminar on Outsourcing.  Fellow professionals who have
dealt with different types of outsourcing will review strategies and
experiences.  Vendors offering alternative end-user and library services
will discuss plans and products and explain how they do it better -- if
they do it better.  In this Information Age, no information professional
can afford to fail in understanding this career-making, career-breaking


one-day seminar designed to help you address the important issues in
outsourcing services in libraries and information centers.  Sponsored by
the Southern California Online Users Group, on behalf of librarians,
library managers and directors and information specialists of all types
and in all kinds of libraries.

Here's Our Agenda

An Outsourcing Sampler:  Library Functions That
Can be Outsourced and the Firms That Do It.
Breakout Session I
  Technical Services
  Total Outsourcing
Breakout Session II
  Reference and Research Services
  Support Services
Guidelines for Successful Outsourcing
Deciding What to Outsource
  How to Write A RFP
  What to Look For in a Vendor
  Managing The Contract
Outsourcing:  Improving the Process or Selling
Out the Library?
  Law Libraries and the AALL Prospective
  Outsourcing One Year Later
  Insourcing and Other Alternatives to
End Note:  So What's All Of This Mean for the


Here's A Few of Our Speakers

Barbara Quint, Editor Searcher Magazine
Barbara Winters, Technical Services, Wright State
University, Ohio
Tory Trotta, American Association of Law
Mary Ann Nash, OCLC Pacific
Rebecca Linzini, CARL Corporation
TelTech Inc.
Steve Coffman, FYI, County of Los Angeles Public
Randy Marcinko, Past President, Dynamic
and dozens of others vendors, exhibitors, and
presenters covering all disciplines of the


Here's Who Should Come

Library Administrators Who Are Considering
Outsourcing in Their Institutions

Librarians and Information Professionals Who Are Concerned About the
Impact of Outsourcing on Their Jobs and Institutions

Companies, Schools and Other Institutions Who Are Interested in
Alternatives to Traditional Library Services

Free Lance LibrariansInterested in Potential Job Opportunities
Technical Services Librarians -- Acquisitions and Collection Development
Librarians -- Automation Librarians and Specialists -- Reference
Librarians -- Online Librarians -- Information Brokers -- Law Librarians
-- Corporate Librarians -- Medical Librarians -- Library School Students
-- Library School Professors -- And Just About Anyone Who is Interested in
Libraries and Librarians and The Future Of Our Profession.


And Here's How to Reserve Your Place

Complete this form and enclose a check for $75.00 for Early Bird
Registration ($85.00 after April 2nd), and mail it back to the address
below.  Lunch and handouts are included. Make checks payable to SCOUG.
Then all you have to do is show up at the Industry Hills Sheraton at
Azusa Road and Indusry Hills Parkway in the City of Industry at 8:30am on
May 3rd and we will take care of the rest.  If you need a map or further
information, call Lynn Ecklund at Seek Information 818-242-2793.

City, St, Zip:
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Send To:

c/o Seek Information Services
1600 Victory Blvd.
Glendale, CA  91201