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re. UMI Microfiche Ingrid Grimes Moss 29 Jan 1997 16:21 UTC

From:  Ingrid Grimes Moss <>


I was interested in how people would reply to your question because I
have been wondering the same thing.  My boss had been ordering the
microfiche until recently, and I had noticed that when it came in
sometimes it was the white-banded, thicker fiche, and sometimes it was
the black-banded, bluish, thinner fiche.  When I asked him today, if he
knew what the difference was, he said he was not aware of having ordered
any "budget" fiche.  I showed him the two different fiche and he thought
it was a positive/negative difference, but then he saw that it wasn't.
My guess is that the black-banded fiche is not as good a quality, but I
would like to know what the pros and cons are myself.  I hope someone
else replies.

Ingrid Grimes Moss
Peace College
Donna Sue Yanney <dyanney@COLEMAN.PVAM.EDU> wrote:
Sent:  Monday, January 27, 1997 5:14 PM

Hello everybody!  I am hoping someone out there in serialst land can explain
to me the difference between UMIs regular fiche, i.e. the kind with the white
title band and UMIs budget fiche, i.e. the kind with the black title band.
I've read in the UMI catalog the name of each as well as the standards which
each meet but I retained neither because neither made that much sense to me.

Anyone feel up to explaining longevity issues and other pros and cons of
getting the 10% discount for the "other" fiche?

Thanks much!

Donna Sue Yanney
Assistant Periodicals Librarian
Prairie View A&M University
Phone: (409) 857-2756 FAX: (409) 857-2755