in-house binding Francesca Sweeney 24 Feb 1998 15:42 UTC

  I have a few questions about in-house binding.   Our periodical
collection is relatively small containing only 600+ titles.  We send
titles which are retained permanently to the bindery twice a year.
The other titles are bound in-house with paper covers or are
togic-bound (this includes titles which are retained for only up to
fours years and low-use journals ).
  The paper covers do not hold well and the latter is time consuming
and messy.  We are unable to find a vendor who carries hardbound

1. Does anyone know of a vendor who carries hardbound covers in
various sizes preferable pre-glued?

2. Is it worth to continue to bind volumes in-house considering the costs
and manpower involved?

3.  How do you handle volumes to be bound?  Do you send all volumes
to the bindery even if its to be discarded in a few years?  If so,
what is the turnover period for sending volumes to and from the
bindery and how often do you send shipments?

Any feedback on this subject would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Francesca Sweeney, library clerk
Macdonald DeWitt Library
Ulster County Community College
Stone Ridge, NY 12484