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  An Eagle's Eye-View of GL Research . . . . . . . . . 2
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1    N E W S L E T T E R   C O V E R A G E
     A c c e s s   i n   m o r e   t h a n   5 0  C o u n t r i e s

Perhaps it is a shared feeling among editors of newsletters and journals,
but a year is really only complete when the final issue of their serial is
published. Likewise, the new year really only begins with the publication
of the first issue of their serial.
This issue of NewsBriefNews marks its seventh volume. This newsletter
appears in a host of formats and has reader coverage in more than fifty
countries worldwide. NewsBriefNews first appeared in 1992 as a means of
keeping conference participants informed of the progress of (inter)national
events. Since then, the scope of this newsletter has expanded to include:
book reviews, announcements, special funds, editorials, feature articles,
interviews, research results, site visits, etc.

2    A N   E A G L E ' S   E Y E - V I E W
     o f   G r e y   L i t e r a t u r e   R e s e a r c h
                                 Text based on the Eagle-tutorial at GL'97

Eagle, the producer of the sigle database (System for Information on Grey
Literature in Europe), began in 1980 as an associa-tion of seven libraries
and documentation centres from seven countries of the European Union.
In 1992, membership was opened to all European countries. As a result Eagle
now has members in 15 European countries. Sigle covers all subject areas
(1/3 technology, 1/3 social and economic sciences & humanities, 1/3 natural
Sigle contains over 480,000 records. The volume of input in Sigle is
steadily increasing. During the mid-eighties the annual input was 20,000
records. During the mid-nineties the annual input was over 40,000 records.
Input of 73,000 records is projected for the year 2000. During this process
of steady growth the members of Eagle sometimes question whether their
efforts are worthwhile. They believe that the documents described in Sigle
provide a valuable information resource, but what is the reality?
The International Conference Series on GL continues to generate more
information on this subject. This article examines research results, which
demonstrate the quality and value of GL.


Non-commercial publications play an important role in scientific communi-
cation. Examples were mentioned in Amsterdam (GL'93), Washington, D.C.
(GL'95), and in Luxembourg (GL'97).

Subject area:           Scope Note:             Volume Grey:
Agriculture             All Publications                50%
Sociology               Research Projects               75%
Energy                  Energy Database                 27%
All areas               Developing Countries            60%

Grey documents comprise a substantial percentage of library requests
involving both recent GL, as well as, older GL. When figures based on the
age of requested documents in a library are compared, it is shown that
journal articles are out of date more quickly than grey publications.

Those who deny the value of grey literature are predominantly commercial
publishers. They argue that "quality grey literature" will in most cases be
followed by a 'white' publication through their channels. The user simply
has to wait until the commercial publisher has selected these grey
documents of value.

In order to research this argument, a sample of grey bibliographic records
was taken from the sigle database. These records were generated 10 years
ago and they were extracted from 6 subject areas. For every one of the six
samples a database of journal articles was searched to determine whether or
not the grey document had in fact been followed by a journal article. The
table (below) shows the result of these searches. In total, 9% of the grey
publications was confirmed by the samples. However, some of these grey
documents were published commercially as books and monographs. Only 6% of
the retrieved matched records were journal articles.

DATABASE          SAMPLE         FOUND         FOUND

Lisa Plus           25             4            16%
Religion Index      25             3            12%
Inspec              25             3            12%
PsychLit            25             2             8%
Sociofile           25             1             4%
Compendex           25             0             0%
Total              150            13             9%

These figures show that a significant proportion of GL is never published
'white' and that even older grey documents are still requested by the user.
Another question is asked about the quality of grey literature. For some
there is no quality control, no peer review. However, analysis of a sample
of producers of grey literature demonstrates that many are prestigious
organizations. For example, sigle includes documents issued by:

-       Max-Planck-Institut fuer Physik, Muenchen.
-       Technische Hochschule Aachen (DE).
        Inst. fuer Strahlantriebe und Turboarbeitsmaschinen.
-       Siemens Solar GmbH, Muenchen (DE).
-       Bundesministerium fuer Verkehr, Bonn (DE).
        Abt. Strassenbau.
-       Daimler-Benz AG, Ulm (DE).
        Forschung und Technik.
-       Ministere de l'Environnement, 75 - Paris (FR).
        Service de la Recherche et des Affaires Economiques (SRAE).
-       London Univ. (GB).

Eagle does not doubt the quality control or peer review standards of
organizations such as these. Most of the grey documents from these
organizations are never published 'white' simply because commercial
publishers do not believe they will be profitable, not because they lack
quality or value.

In order to understand the position of grey information in scientific
communication, the last table was developed. It shows that grey information
plays a role on different levels in the research process.

Level:                  Grey Literature:

Front Research          Internet discussions
                        Grey proceedings
                        Original theses
Research                Preprints
                        Theses (compilation of articles)
Review / Education      Syllabi / Readers



Grey information forms a major part of scientific and technical communi-
cation. Grey documents remain unique and are rarely followed by a journal
article. Much grey literature is published by prestigious organizations
whose names are a guarantee for quality.

Dr. R.H.A. Wessels, Executive Director EAGLE
P.O. Box 90407, 2509 LK  The Hague, Holland
Tel: 31-70-3140.281
Fax: 31-70-3140.493

3    G R E Y   L I T E R A T U R E   A N D  P U B L I S H I N G

   Summary of a presentation for the Science and Technology Section,
         "Discussion Group on Publisher/Vendor Relations",
   at the ALA'98 Midwinter Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

Thank you for this opportunity to attend and address your discussion group
on science publishing. Special thanks to Julia Gelfand from the University
of California, Irvine Campus for putting me in contact with your chair-
person Susan Starr.

In November 1997, the term grey literature was redefined at the Third
International Conference on Grey Literature, GL'97. The revised definition
has come to be known as "The Luxembourg Convention on GL", after the city
in which this conference was held. The definition of grey literature now

      That which is produced on all levels of government, academics,
      business and industry in print and electronic formats, but which
      is not controlled by commercial publishers.

Grey Literature differs from commercial publications in that it is not
based solely or even principally on an economic model, but rather on a
communication model. Otherwise stated, all aspects of commercial publishing
apply to grey literature, but its existence is not determined merely by
dollars and cents.
In the Grey Circuit, end-users remain the consumers of information,
intermediaries continue in their intermediate roles, but the publishers
come to be recognised as "corporate authors". These corporate authors,
operating on all levels of government, academics, business and industry
have a publishing function; however, this is not their primary mission or
activity. In fact many of these corporate authors are only recently
becoming aware of their publishing role.

This Awareness has in part been brought on by the Internet. And from my
experience with these producers of grey literature, they like their new
role as well as the status it holds.This is indeed a fortunate development,
for according to the Keynote Speaker at GL'97, Prof. John Mackenzie Owen,
the commercial publishing industry is at its end. With the increase of
costs, their slowness to move, their many restrictions to access, and their
disregard for archiving, the end-users are experiencing a decrease in value
added by commerical publishers. As a consequence, all information in the
future will be characterized as grey.

Publishing printed and electronic grey literature is now seen by its
producers - the corporate authors - for what it has come to embody. Namely,
the state-of-the-art, the cutting edge, current information, issued by the
source, open to the public, and not controlled solely for commercial gain.

                                            Dominic J. Farace, Director
                                            Grey Literature Network Service

4    G L '9 9   R E S E T   F O R   W A S H I N G T O N   D.C.
     P r o g r a m   a n d   C o n f e r e n c e   V e n u e

                        A n n o u n c e m e n t

                  "New Frontiers in Grey Literature"


                      Kellogg Conference Center
                         Washington D.C. USA

                          October 4-5, 1999

D R A F T   P R O G R A M

Global Assessment of Grey Literature:
A brave new world of topics, formats, and uses

Archiving Electronic Grey Literature:
>>From bibliographic retrieval to full-text storage and distribution

Copyright and Grey Literature:
Authorship, Ownership, and Property Rights

P R O G R A M   A N D   O R G A N I S I N G   B U R E A U:

TransAtlantic| GreyNet
Grey Literature Network Service
Koninginneweg 201, 1075 CR Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Tel/Fax: 31-20-671.1818   Email:

5    B O O K   R E V I E W
     Knowledge Diffusion in the U.S. Aerospace Industry

This book presents the results of a decade of work conducted under the
auspices of the NASA/DoD Aerospace Knowledge Diffusion Research Project.
The scholars involved in this project have examined multiple aspects of
knowledge diffusion -- specifically, its production, transfer, and use --
in the large commercial aircraft (LCA) sector of the U.S. aerospace
industry, which is a rich source of knowledge, product and process
technologies, and sophisticated manufacturing and production techniques.
Considered a critical component of the U.S. industrial base, this industry
has been the beneficiary of federally funded R&D for nearly a century.
However, little is known about how the knowledge and technology resulting
from these public expenditures diffuse at the individual, organizational,
national, and international levels. Once largely ignored or discounted,
knowledge is becoming an important component of economic, innovation, and
management theories. Researchers have begun to investigate such aspects of
knowledge as its flow within the firm, its absorption and assimilation
through interfirm alliances, its management in process and product design,
and its basis as a dynamic theory of the firm itself.

- I S B D -

Knowledge Diffusion in the U.S. Aerospace Industry : Managing Knowledge for
Competitive Advantage / T.E. Pinelli, R.O.Barclay, J.M. Kennedy, and A.P.
Bishop. - Greenwich, CT : Ablex Publishing Corporation, 1997.
With a Foreword by Everett Rogers.
ISBN 1-56750-225-3 ($157.00, cloth)
ISBN 1-56750-226-1 ($ 85.00, paper)

Ordering information: Tel: 1-203-661.0792, ext. 3004; Fax: 1-203-661.0792

6   P O L I C Y   O N   C O L L E C T I O N   D E V E L O P M E N T
    G r e y  L i t e r a t u r e  N e t w o r k  S e r v i c e

On many occasions, the question arises whether GreyNet, Grey Literature
Network Service, maintains a collection, and if so, what is its policy for
information access and document delivery? In its capacity as a promotional
and referral base for corporate authors, researchers, and intermediaries
involved worldwide in the field of grey literature, GreyNet maintains three
distinct collections:

  /                               \
/ GREYNET AUTHORED AND EDITED WORKS \_____________________________________

* Description
These include serial and non-serial publications published by TransAtlantic
of which GreyNet is a division. Among these publications are conference
programs and proceedings, bibliographies, guides, notebooks, newsletters,

* Information Access
All of these publications carry an ISBN and/or ISSN number, they appear in
TransAtlantic's Publishers Guide, which is available in print and on
GreyNet's Website.

* Document Delivery
These publications are priced and can be ordered directly through
TransAtlantic, the publishing body.

  /                               \
/  REFERENCE WORKS AND MANUSCRIPTS  \_____________________________________

* Description
These include serial and non-serial publications on the topic of grey
literature either purchased, donated, or acquired on an exchange basis by
TransAtlantic/GreyNet. Such documents include journal articles, conference
papers, case studies, reports, monographs, theses, news articles, audio-
visual materials, etc.

* Information Access
Each document in this collection is referenced and indexed in GreyNet's
bibliographic database available on its Website. A printed version of the
Annotated Bibliography on GL is available through TransAtlantic/GreyNet
with updates every even year.

* Document Delivery
When available, the bibliographic record will contain the point of access
and a document number. For example, if the document is available via
TransAtlantic/Greynet, one will find the annotation:
Access: TransAtlantic Stock Catalog: GL.000X.
A document delivery charge will be quoted upon request. If the document is
available through another access center, the full address information can
be found in the International Guide to Persons and Organisations in Grey
Literature on GreyNet's Website.

  /                               \
/  DOCUMENTARY INFORMATION ARCHIVE  \_____________________________________

* Description
This is an in-house, short-title collection of brochures, manuals,
catalogs, journals, bulletins, annual reports, announcements, call-for-
tenders, press releases, guidebooks, etc. This material is selected and
compiled in maps and is filed alphabetically by acronym or name of the
corporate author (i.e. issuing body) recorded in GreyNet's Referral Base.

* Information Access
In the first instance, this archive serves the office of TransAtlantic/
GreyNet in its task and mission to promote research on grey literature and
in its information referral activities. GreyNet's "International Guide to
Persons and Organisations in Grey Literature" found on its's Website offers
full address information (including the email and URL) of these issuing

* Document Delivery
Publications can be assessed directly through the issuing bodies i.e. the
corporate authors. However, if a copy is maintained in GreyNet's archive,
then the document will be delivered at set document delivery rates granted
copyright is not infringed.

7   P U B L I C A T I O N   O R D E R   F O R M
    G r e y  L i t e r a t u r e  N e t w o r k  S e r v i c e


[1]. GL'97 Conference PROCEEDINGS          ________ x 95.00 =  ________
     ISBN 90-74854-17-6

[2]. GL'97 Conference PROGRAM              ________ x 30.00 =  ________
     ISBN 90-74854-18-4

[3]. GL'95 Conference PROCEEDINGS          ________ x 95.00 =  ________
     ISBN 90-74854-08-7

[4]. GL'95 Conference PROGRAM              ________ x 30.00 =  ________
     ISBN 90-74854-09-5

[5]. GL'93 Conference PROCEEDINGS          ________ x 95.00 =  ________
     ISBN 90-74854-03-6

[6]. GL'93 Conference PROGRAM              ________ x 30.00 =  ________
     ISBN 90-74854-04-4

[7]. Annotated Bibliography on GL          ________ x 50.00 =  ________
     ISBN 90-74854-10-9 : *2nd Ed*
     ISBN 90-74854-20-6 : *3rd Ed*

[8]. International Grey Literature Guide   ________ x 50.00 =  ________
     ISBN 90-74854-21-4 : *3rd Ed*

[9]. NewsBriefNews: Quarterly Newsletter   ________ x 40.00 =  ________
     ISSN 0929-0923 : Annual Subscription

[10] Notebook on Grey Literature           ________ x 75.00 =  ________
     ISBN 90-74854-15-X : *2nd Ed*

[11] Handboek over Grijze Literatuur       ________ x 75.00 =  ________
     ISBN 90-74854-14-1 : (In Dutch)

[12] Handelingen van NLGL'96               ________ x 40.00 =  ________
     ISBN 90-74854-13-3 : (In Dutch)

[13] Individual Conference Papers
     All-in price of 2.00 DFL. per page    ________ x  2.00 =  ________

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                   I N T E R N A T I O N A L   G U I D E
             To Persons & Organisations in  Grey Literature

                  Grey Literature - Grijze Literatuur
                Letteratura Grigia - Litterature Grise
                    Graue Literatur - Gri Yayinlar
                Literatura Grise - Literatura Cinzenta
                   Sive Literature - Sede Literatury

                              Compiled by
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                            Jerry Frantzen

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