Preparing for changeover (Kimberly J. Laird) Stephen Clark 26 Feb 1998 15:27 UTC

Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 10:05:27 GMT-5
From: "Kimberly J. Laird" <LAIRDK@MEDSERV.ETSU-TN.EDU>
Subject: Preparing for changeover

We too will be changing to a new system at some point. Some of
the things I've been trying to do falls under database
maintenance, but I hope to get most of the cleanup accomplished
prior to any move to a new system.

 1. MHLDs (Yes, we use NOTIS) should be very clean. Have someone
review most of your holdings screens. Its a long ardurous
project, but very useful in clearing up oddities in the way
people have done things.

2.  Check on your circulation & location codes & policies. The
more streamlined & standard these are, the better. Anything
that's not being used, should be removed from the system.

3.  Check out the policies & procedures. If some are not written
up, make this a priority for all departments. The more
information that's written down about why staff/librarians do
things the way they do, the better. The people who are going to
help you migrate will benefit from having this stuff written
down too. It helps to verbalize all the reasons why something is
done a certain way.

4. Try to write out a history of the previous system
installation/migration. Will help answer questions about why,
where, how, when, etc.

Get staff & other librarians involved as much as possible. Kim Laird
Technical Services Librarian
Medical Library, Quillen College of Medicine
East Tennessee State University