e-journal in the catalog survey (Steve Shadle) Stephen Clark 26 Feb 1998 22:04 UTC

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Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 13:54:14 -0800
From: Steve Shadle <shadle@U.WASHINGTON.EDU>
Subject: e-journal in the catalog survey

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As background for an article I'm writing about electronic journals in the
library catalog, I would like to hear from those of you who catalog
e-journals or somehow make information about e-journals available through
your library catalog.  I would be very appreciative if you could answer
the following five questions.  Please send responses directly to me at
shadle@u.washington.edu and I will summarize for the list.  As an
incentive, the submitter of each usable reply will be taken out for coffee
in Seattle (or a mutually agreed upon city).  Note: this offer does not
include round-trip transportation to Seattle.  Limited to one offer per
institution.  ;-) Thanks much. --Steve

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1) If you subscribe to a print journal and its electronic equivalent, how
many records do you use in your catalog to represent both manifestations?

  _____  One record

  _____  Two records

  _____  It varies.  (Please specify the criteria that would cause variant

2) If you subscribe only to the electronic version of a journal title,
what type of record is used to represent that title in the catalog?

  ____  A print serial record

  ____  A computer file serial record

3) If you use print records to represent electronic versions (either
subscribing to both versions or only the electronic version), what local
changes do you make to the *bibliographic* record beyond those specified
in the CONSER guidelines (adding 530, 730/740, 776, 856).  Check all that

  ____  no local changes

  ____  006/008

  ____  007

  ____  ISSN

  ____  GMD

  ____  Notes in addition to the 530 (please specify)

  ____  Subject headings or subject subdivisions

  ____  Added entries for e-journal producers/projects

  ____  Other (please specify)

4) How are e-journals "identified" in your catalog?  (Or put another way,
what search strategy do you use to retrieve e-journals in your catalog?)

5) If your catalog is available remotely, what is its web or telnet