Considering holdings links, standing orders & serials -Reply Dave Murphy 04 Feb 1998 14:12 UTC

Donna Bible <BibleD@DOAKS.ORG> wrote:

> We have recently implemented a serials control module that uses a
> predictive check-in system to automatically create MARC holdings
> records.  We are considering using these control records for some of
> our series/open entries.  What I would like help with is twofold:
> 1.  Is there a standard that states that MARC holdings records can
> only be used for serials?
> 2.  Has anyone established a good policy to use in determining what
> types of items are handled as standing orders (open entries) and what
> types should be managed as serials?

In answer to question (1): No, it's possible to use the serials MARC
for anything that would suit the criteria.

In answer to question (2): If memory served me correctly, the
University of Alaska uses MARC to keep track of its capital equipment
in the library there.

Dave Murphy
Madonna University Library
Livonia, Michigan