Re: Considering holdings links, standing orders & serials Mitch Turitz 04 Feb 1998 19:02 UTC

  1.) It is not a "standard" that states whether or not MARC holdings
records can only be used for serials, but it is the decision of your
vendor which determines this functionality (or not)

  2.) In our library we basically define anything which is published more
frequently than annually as a periodical, and is then housed in the
Periodicals Dept. shelved by title, cataloged, but not classified; and
anything which is annual or less frequent is called a "serial" and is
classified and cataloged and shelved along with the books.  Monographic
series are considered serials and are grouped together with our "serials"
in the Acquisitions Dept. for ordering purposes as "standing orders"
Another thing we inlcude in Standing orders are loose-leaf publications -
the original title is cataloged as a monograph and we have a check-in
record attached to the monographic title.

-- Mitch

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Date:    Tue, 3 Feb 1998 15:50:23 -0500
From:    Bible Donna <BibleD@DOAKS.ORG>
Subject: Considering holdings links, standing orders & serials

We have recently implemented a serials control module that uses a
predictive check-in system to automatically create MARC holdings
records.  We are considering using these control records for some of our
series/open entries.  What I would like help with is twofold:

1.  Is there a standard that states that MARC holdings records can only
be used for serials?

2.  Has anyone established a good policy to use in determining what
types of items are handled as standing orders (open entries) and what
types should be managed as serials?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you might provide.

Donna Bible
Library System Administrator
Dumbarton Oaks
1703 32nd Street NW
Washington, DC 20007-2961