Re: Considering a Table of Contents Service... Jina C. Wakimoto 04 Feb 1998 21:20 UTC


You might also consider CARL UnCover ( ).  This
database contains table of contents of approx. 17000 journals.  Its
Reveal service ($25/yr per patron) allows you to store up to 50 journal
titles and up to 25 keyword searches to your 'profile'.  Everytime the
database is updated, the matching journal TOC and/or the citations will
be emailed to you.  It is also a document delivery service via fax.

UnCover Web is not problem-free, in fact, I can't believe I am actually
pitching for it.

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Peter Zeimet wrote:
> Dear SERIALSTers,
> Our Engineering company library is considering subscribing to a TOC
> service.  Some people in the company are currently unhappy with the
> timeliness of the journal routing and would like to stay abreast of more
> TOCs than just those titles to which we subscribe.
> Have any of you had an experience with such a service?  How did it work
> out?
> We've been looking into NERAC's TOC service.  They allow the end-users to
> subscribe to any of the 21,000 journal titles in their database, editing
> their list anytime.  We will also look into EBSCO and others (any ideas?).
> Since this is new territory for us, we don't know how it will effect our
> demand for photocopies (for those we subscribe to), whether it will be
> cost-effective, and so forth.  Perhaps with this service we could
> eventually cut down on the number of subscriptions, offsetting the cost of
> the service somewhat.
> Further, if we are to pitch this to management, how do we justify cost?
> It's very difficult to put a price on ignorance.  Surely the demand for
> information is the same whether we can provide the information or not.
> Anyone with experience or information is encouraged to reply to me off the
> list (or on, if you like).
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