Re: Considering EBSCOhost (2 messages) Dani Lichtenberg 05 Feb 1998 22:48 UTC

On Wed, 4 Feb 1998 12:58:50 EDT Ronald H. Epp <epp@UHAVAX.HARTFORD.EDU>

> ... that we have no printing
> solution linked to our workstations. EBSCO has been less than helpful in
> addressing the problem of cost recovery through photocopying charges since
> few vendors have a smart card solution to what we "the printer problem."

I was wondering if you can provide some more information about what you
mean about a "printing solution linked to your workstations," "cost
recovery through photocopying charges," and a "smart card solution."  Are
you saying that you would like Ebsco to provide the printing equipment as
well as the electronic data?  There are companies that do provide debit
card printers but I know from experience that these systems are far from
perfect.  Perhaps this is what you mean by "the printer problem."  If the
vendor, such as Ebsco, did provide the printing equipment then perhaps
the printing would be easier.  Any light you can shed on these issues
would be appreciated.

Dani Lichtenberg
Supervisor, Serials Section