Seeking Dynix users & info. about unsolicited serials Margaret A Simon 12 Feb 1998 18:37 UTC

Hello all.

My name is Maggie Simon and I am in charge of the Serials Unit at the
Mansfield Library for the University of Montana, Missoula.  We are a Dynix
library and an active user of the Dynix Serials Module.  Currently, we
have 4044 active serial titles on the Dynix Serials Module.  I am
subscribing to this list hopefully to make some contacts with other
serials technicians who work on the Dynix serials module.  Those of you
who fall into this category, could you please e-mail me directly so we can
correspond specifically about Dynix serials module issues?

Beyond that, I have a general serials query to post to everyone on the
list.  We are currently re-evaluating our procedure for handling
unsolicited serials.  (ie. "complimentary" issues, gift "subscriptions",
single issues that seem to get sent to us for no particular reason)
Until this point, we have been maintaining an elaborate paper "decision"
file for these items.  Specifically, if an item arrives and the check-in
clerks DON'T find it on the online catalog, they consult this "decision
file".  The decision file consists of hundreds of 3 x 5 cards filed
alphabetically by title. Each card instructs the clerk to either "route"
or "toss" the unsolicited item.  (Route-meaning route to a specific person
in the library-usually a reference librarian.  Toss-meaning discard the
item.)  If the clerks don't find the title in the decision file, they
create a new decision card saying ROUTE, ADD, OR TOSS and send it to the
appropriate ref librarian for the final decision.  If it is an ADD, it
gets added. If it's either ROUTE or TOSS, the new card gets filed into the
decision file--forever.  (We have cards in this file from the 70's.)
As you can tell by now, this procedure is really awful.  I would like to
hear how the rest of you handle these unsolicited items.

PLEASE e-mail me with any information, suggestions, advice etc... about a
better way to deal with this.  ANY help would be much appreciated.

Maggie Simon
Technical Services
Mansfield Library
Missoula, MT  59812
FAX (406)243-2060
PHONE (406)243-6733