Re: Upgrades to OCLC bibliographic records? (4 messages) Birdie MacLennan 12 Feb 1998 21:43 UTC

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Date:         Thu, 12 Feb 1998 14:56:44 EST
From:         Beth Jedlicka <bethj@LIBRIS.LIBS.UGA.EDU>
Organization: University of Georgia Libraries
Subject:      Re: Upgrades to OCLC bibliographic records?

When I'm using a pre-AACR2 record in most cases I do not convert it to
AACR2.  In some cases that could take more time than editing it in
the code it was done under.  According to the CONSER Editing Guide
(B4.2.4), generally, changes to records should be made in the context of
the rules governing the record. (so if you have an A1 record you'd edit it
according to that code). Except in the case of main or added entries.
Those you update to AACR2 form.

For your second question,  my opinion is that you wouldn't want to
reclass all those volumes (unless, I suppose, the call number is way
off  base). I would put the call number you've assigned locally in an
090 MARC tag.

Hope this helps some,

Beth Jedlicka
Serials Cataloger
University of Georgia

Date:         Thu, 12 Feb 1998 13:57:09 -0600
From:         Maija CRAVENS <maija.cravens@CCMAIL.ADP.WISC.EDU>
Subject:      Re: Upgrades to OCLC bibliographic records?

Yes, I always edit the record to current standards before exporting it
to NOTIS. I also enhance the record if my authorization permits it.

No, I see no need to change LC call numbers. They are, after all, only
a shelf location code, and as long as your card catalog/online catalog
has the same call no. as is found on the label, there won't be any
problems locating the items.

Maija CRAVENS <maija.cravens@CCMAIL.ADP.WISC.EDU>

Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 13:29:00 CST
From: "Kathi L. Jakubowski" <>
Subject: Re: Upgrades to OCLC bibliographic records?


The only time I upgrade the record is if the form of the title or
corporate heading is inconsistent with  today's rules.  We leave
everything else, punctuation, form of 362 field etc., as is.

We do not go back and reclassify a serial just because the record now
has an LC call number - it would be an incredible job to tackle, and
we have more than enough problems to deal with as we progress through
retrospective conversion.

Hope this helps.

Kathi L. Jakubowski
Head Serials Cataloger
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Golda Meir Library
P.O. Box 604
Milwaukee, WI  53201
OFFICE: (414) 229-4752
FAX: (414) 229-6791

Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 14:22:42 EDT
From: "Charles F. Tremper" <>
Organization: Syracuse University Library
Subject: Re: Upgrades to OCLC bibliographic records?

Our policy has been to use pre A-2 records as is, IF they are correct
according to the standards under which they were created.
If the OCLC record is something of a mix, we will occasionally
upgrade to A-2 standards.  Due to the size of our backruns, we do not
reclass if our local call number differs from LC.

Good luck and keep dry.

Charles F. Tremper
Head, Serials Unit and Serials Catalogue Libn.
Bibliographic Services Dept.
Syracuse University Library
Syracuse, N.Y.  13244
telephone:  (315) 443-9775

Kathleen Thorne wrote:
> Good morning - I have a couple of questions for all you serials
> catalogers: first: when you use OCLC bibliographic records for
> cataloging materials, do you upgrade the records to current AACR2
> standards if the record is an older one created under AACR standards, or
> do you use the record in the exact form you find it?
> And second question: if you have journals which were cataloged &
> classified back in the days preceding computer access to OCLC/LC
> records, and the call numbers which were assigned then do not match the
> call number assigned by LC, do you now go back and re-classify to the LC
> call number (as found in the 050 field) and re-label all the bound
> volumes, or do you leave them with the call number which the journal has
> had in your library for all these years?
> Thanks - from soggy California..
> Kathleen Thorne
> Serials Cataloger
> San Jose State University