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Re: August 25, 1997 issue of Forbes ASAP (2 messages) Birdie MacLennan 13 Feb 1998 17:21 UTC

Note from the editor:  Since the original question has now been answered
in messages posted from several contributors, unless someone else has a
different aspect of this particular issue to discuss, these are the last
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Date:         Thu, 12 Feb 1998 22:53:31 -0900
From:         Marie Murphy <mamm1@NSH.LIBRARY.NS.CA>
Subject:      Re: August 25, 1997 issue of Forbes ASAP

Just to let you know that we received both the  Aug 25th issue and the
ASAP issue on Aug 15th (2 copies) and our third copy was received on
AUG21st for both issues.

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Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 07:51:07 -0600 (CST)
From: MaryLou Epp <>
Subject: Re: August 25, 1997 issue of Forbes ASAP (fwd)

We have already bound this unit, so specific dates are lost
on my screen, but we do have a sup. bound in with v.160,no.1-4.

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On Thu, 12 Feb 1998, Amy E. Gunn wrote:

> Subject:  August 25, 1997 issue of Forbes ASAP
> Can anyone confirm if the above issue exists?  According to our
> checkin records, both the regular Aug 25, 1997 issue (V.160 No.4) and
> the ASAP issue were received on 8/11/97.  When we gathered titles for
> binding the ASAP issue was missing.  Two attempts to get a missing
> issue from duplicate exchange sources have only turned up regular
> issues, no ASAPs.  Confirmation please?
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