In Theater -Reply Gerald Bryant 13 Feb 1998 20:08 UTC

Fran Stumpf <fstumpf@SCCCC.STCHAS.EDU> 02/13/98 06:00am wrote:
> I'm looking for a periodical that Rosie O'Donnell refers to on her
> talk show.  The periodical is _In Theater_ according to one of our
> instructors.
> Does anyone know how to locate this periodical? Where to order it
> from?  Has anyone seen Rosie refer to this periodical?


I found a journal called IN THEATER on Ebsco's webpage. It is published
by Parker Publishing & Company, 1501 Broadway #2605, New York,
New York 10036. The Ebsco title number is 414268490. I hope this is
helpful to you.

Gerry Bryant
Library Assistant II
Boise State University Albertsons Library