Electronic Journal Survey: Call for Participants Lynn Marshall 17 Feb 1998 15:51 UTC

Dear Serialsts,

My name is Lynn Marshall, and I am the Information Specialist at Human
Kinetics Publishers in Champaign IL. I am not a regular subscriber to this
list, as a solo librarian most of my work falls in different areas of the
profession. I apologize if this messages is intrusive, or off topic.  I am
writing to ask you if you would be willing to participate in a survey I am
doing for my employer to help us determine, as an academic journal
publisher, what we should be doing to serve the needs of academic
librarians in the area of electronic publishing and to facilitate access
to our titles in an electronic format.

Human Kinetics publishes a number of journals in the area of physical
activity, and I would most like to here from librarians in the areas of
health, physical education, biomedicine and other life sciences, though I
welcome anyone who can take the time to participate in my informal survey.
The survey is eleven questions long. Your input will be very valuable to
us as we put together our electronic journal program. If you would be
willing to take part in this survey, please let me know and I will send it
to you. I can send you the survey in whatever way you prefer, email, fax,
or regular mail. I will also be glad to summarize the results for anyone
who is interested.  If you have a colleague whom you believe would be
interested in our survey, please feel free to pass this message along.
Thank you very much for your time, and any help you can provide.

Lynn D. Marshall
Information Specialist
Human Kinetics Publishers
1607 N. Market St.
Champaign, IL 61825-5076
(217) 352-6371 ex 2401
Fax: (217) 351-2674