Re: Upgrades to OCLC bibliographic records? Michael Borries 17 Feb 1998 16:12 UTC

On Thu, 12 Feb 1998 09:53:42 -0800 Kathleen Thorne said:
>Good morning - I have a couple of questions for all you serials
>catalogers: first: when you use OCLC bibliographic records for
>cataloging materials, do you upgrade the records to current AACR2
>standards if the record is an older one created under AACR standards, or
>do you use the record in the exact form you find it?

Generally, yes, especially in terms of tags and indicators; punctuation,
usually; if it's latest entry and dead, we would probably not go back
and create successive entry records, but alot would depend on the situation
and the amount of time I had available.

>And second question: if you have journals which were cataloged &
>classified back in the days preceding computer access to OCLC/LC
>records, and the call numbers which were assigned then do not match the
>call number assigned by LC, do you now go back and re-classify to the LC
>call number (as found in the 050 field) and re-label all the bound
>volumes, or do you leave them with the call number which the journal has
>had in your library for all these years?

We would leave the call numbers as we had them and input an 090 in the
bib record, unless there were some other reason to change the call no.

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