Electronic Journal Survey: Call for Participants Birdie MacLennan 18 Feb 1998 16:50 UTC


This is a friendly note from the moderator ...

Yesterday, a call for participants for an electronic journals survey was
posted to SERIALST by Lynn Marshall <lynnm@MAIL.HKUSA.COM>, Information
Specialist at Human Kinetics Publishers.  The SERIALST moderators have now
received a number of responses from several subscribers indicating a
willingness to participate and requesting copies of the survey.

Please note that SERIALST and the moderators of SERIALST are **in no way**
affiliated with this survey.  If you are interested in participating, or
receiving a copy of the survey, please contact Lynn Marshall
<lynnm@MAIL.HKUSA.COM> directly, rather than through SERIALST.

The moderators cannot take responsibility for forwarding these replies to
the appropriate contact and we do not feel it is appropriate to post them
to the list.  So, please observe the appropriate e-mail contact address
for this survey.

Thanks for your attention and cooperation.

        Birdie MacLennan
        SERIALST Listowner/Moderator      bmaclenn@zoo.uvm.edu
        University of Vermont             bmaclenn@uvmvm.uvm.edu