Claims statistics Jeanette Skwor 19 Feb 1998 14:43 UTC

We had a discussion awhile back (last summer?) about the percentage of
claims one can expect to bear fruit, and I learned that we count those
claims differently.

I have a most rudimentary system; every time I generate a claim it is
counted as "1"; everytime we receive a claimed item it is counted as "1".
The problem being, of course, that sometimes I claim an item 2 or more
times before it arrives, therefore my success rate on that one item is
100% if it arrives, not 50% because I sent out two claims.  But I don't
know how to change it.

We're on Notis; my claims are generated electronically and have carbons; I
keep carbons of all claims for a year.  I also get monthly printouts of all
claims, and can ascertain from that if they are first, second, etc.

My vendor is Faxon; currently I am not finding their claim reports very
helpful.  They do not list whether an item is the first, second or
"whatever" claim.  I thought about calling and asking them if they could
provide more information, but at this point am not even sure what I should
be asking for.

I would really appreciate hearing what others do, in fact any & all ideas.

Jeanette Skwor
Cofrin Library
UW-Green Bay