Re: tie-binders Liz Linton 20 Feb 1998 18:52 UTC

>I'm interested in finding out how many libraries use tie-binders (aka
>multibinders) for their periodicals and other materials and the
>reasons why.

We've been using them since 1993--I chose to do this because we had
decades of material that had never been bound. I couldn't afford to send
it all to the bindery and this library already owned the Bro-Dart Togic

I find the tie-binders are 100% better than the system that was used by my
predecessors. Sixty to 75% of the collection was tied by sting in bundles
that were impossible to make sit up on the shelf, extremely user
unfriendly and disorganized since they were basically piles of single
issues.  For high-use titles I would not use this system. But for
extremely low-use back-runs that the library wishes to retain, its
inexpensive and effective.

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