Statistical Methodologies (was: Claims statistics) Jeanette Skwor 23 Feb 1998 17:16 UTC

Subject:      Stats Methodology

***I posted the attached query and am trying again, in hopes of someone
re-reading and being able to address the question.  So far I've gotten
A) questions about NOTIS and B) advice on claiming methods.  While I'm glad
to help, and appreciate the advice, I still would really like to develop a
better method of keeping stats.

***I have heard from Faxon, and they have the capability to, and will,
begin showing the claim number on their claim responses.  (Affirming my
faith in asking :)

***Crossing my fingers and hoping for more--

Jeanette Skwor

> We had a discussion awhile back (last summer?) about the
> percentage of claims one can expect to bear fruit, and I
> learned that we count those claims differently.
> I have a most rudimentary system; every time I generate a
> claim it is counted as "1"; everytime we receive a claimed
> item it is counted as "1". The problem being, of course,
> that sometimes I claim an item 2 or more times before it
> arrives, therefore my success rate on that one item is 100%
> if it arrives, not 50% because I sent out two claims.  But
> I don't know how to change it.
> We're on Notis; my claims are generated electronically and
> have carbons; I keep carbons of all claims for a year.  I
> also get monthly printouts of all claims, and can ascertain
> from that if they are first, second, etc.
> My vendor is Faxon; currently I am not finding their claim
> reports very helpful.  They do not list whether an item is
> the first, second or "whatever" claim.  I thought about
> calling and asking them if they could provide more
> information, but at this point am not even sure what I
> should be asking for.
> I would really appreciate hearing what others do, in fact
> any & all ideas.
> Jeanette Skwor
> Cofrin Library
> UW-Green Bay