Re: Donations policies for periodicals? Brad Coon 23 Feb 1998 19:48 UTC

We do not volunteer the ultimate fate of donations.  We accept all
that we receive and any that are moldy go right into the dumpster
as soon as the donor has left.  We add those that fill gaps.  If
a donor regularly donates a title we will consider it for addition
to the collection but only after receiving it for at least a year.
If a donor presses us as to what we will do for them, we tell them
that we will add what we can, pass on what we can and recycle the
rest.  The only problems are from those people who want them returned
if we do not add them.  We usually do not oblige, once received they
are university property.
Just my 2 cents,
Brad Coon

"Do'netyokit su do'sa'na'kit." (Live boldly but wisely.)
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