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 Date:         Tue, 17 Feb 1998 10:21:22 -0500
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When budget limits our orders, we use cost + use and then number of journals
in that discipline as well as size of the department.  We compile the list
of possible cuts and send it out to professors.  They all will tell you they
can not do with out whatever your are cutting, but the best is give them
alternatives - this journal or that one.  Our journals do not circulate but
we use a barcode and keep track of usage with that.  If a journal shows no
usage or only one or two in a year, it is hard to justify keeping it.

Marilyn M. Haskell
Joanna Tousley-Escalante wrote:

>Our library will undertake a badly needed review of journal use/need
>this year.  As we consider instruments to weigh the "need" value, I
>would like to hear from those of you who have undertaken this exercise
>in the recent past, or who have a regular review set up for use
>We are considering how to ask them to rank their need and are
>considering offering them a scale of 1-3 [3 being need very much; 1
>being only some need].
>What other ranking or grading options do you consider that allow staff
>to indicate value to them while giving us the option to cut if budget
>requires this?
>Also, has anyone found software to assist in such an endeavor?
>Our thanks in advance for your thoughts on this question.
>Joanna Tousley-Escalante
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