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 Date:         Fri, 20 Feb 98 23:08:40 EST
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 Subject:      RE: Donations policies for periodicals?

Because of copyright, we accept issues that will fill in the ones we have
missing.  When accepting them, we let the donor know that we will accept
them with the understanding that we will add only if needed to fill in
and that we can dispose of them however we wish - discard or place on a
sale table for patrons whichever we feel is best.  We use this policy
with any and all donations.

Marilyn M. Haskell

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Kami Convery wrote:

> I am curious to know what policies other libraries have in place for
> accepting periodical donations.  What do you accept, and do you have a
> limit on how complete a volume or year you will take and add to the
> collection.  Sometimes we get scattered issues of a title.  What to do so
> as not to hurt the donors feelings if it doesn't meet the criteria?
> Thanks for all responses.
> Kami Convery
> Dowling College

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