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newspaper selection policy (Marilyn Fordyce) Marcia Tuttle 30 Apr 1998 13:15 UTC

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Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 15:24:11 +1200
From: Marilyn Fordyce <marilyn.fordyce@LIBRARY.OTAGO.AC.NZ>
Subject: newspaper selection policy

Dear Angie

University libraries with considerable numbers of foreign students are also
dealing with the issue of providing a variety of newspapers in different
languages for small user groups.  It is a great service to be able to offer
"news from home" via foreign newspapers, many of which are donated.  Small
interest groups are also interested in having their newspapers made
available in the library.

A couple of ways of dealing with the bulk of material are-
        1. If you have a "current display" or "new newspaper display stand"
then place the most recent  1 or 2 issues on display, don't retain any
beyond that and don't bother claiming. You can pack a fair number of
newspapers on some of the newspaper stands that are available.   Most folk
are only interested in the latest issues and you should find that 99% of
users will be satisfied with such an arrangement.  The Library can make
acceptance of the donation conditional on such an arrangement.
        2. For titles with somewhat more enduring value retain the current
year only


 Marilyn A Fordyce
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