Call for reporters -- NASIG and PCC conference (Carol Diedrichs) Marcia Tuttle 28 May 1998 21:27 UTC

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Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 17:16:55 -0400
From: Carol Diedrichs <diedrichs.1@OSU.EDU>
Subject: Call for reporters -- NASIG and PCC conference

_LAPT_ regularly covers conferences related to serials, acquisitions, and
collection development.  In addition, we try to provide coverage for other
conferences as well:  those with an international focus or those which
include our areas of interest in addition to other areas.

I am soliciting your help and interest in covering two conferences this
summer.  For these conferences a report of the entire conference is desired.
The reports would appear as a single article in the journal with the
reporter(s) byline.  The single (or primary) author receives reprints and
proofs of their section for review.  Reports are generally 10-20
double-spaced pages depending on the content of the meeting covered.  In
some cases, lengthy programs might warrant longer reports.

If you are planning to attend either of these conferences and would be
interested in providing a report on the program, please respond via e-mail
( as soon as possible.  Your finished report would be
due to me approximately one month after the conference ended. An excellent
sample report appears in vol. 21, no. 2 -- Rachel Miller, "Emerging Patterns
of Collection Development in an Expanding Resource Sharing, Electronic
Information, and Network Environment: Report of a Conference," _Library
Acquisitions: Practice and Theory_ 21 (1997): 211-219.  More extensive
guidelines for the article are also available.

Thanks in advance for your help.

**1998 NASIG Annual Conference
        Date:   June 19-21, 1998
        Place:  Boulder, CO

**Cataloging Now!  An ALCTS Institute on the PCC Core Record
        Where: Preconference to the Annual Meeting of the American Association of
Law Libraries
        Date:    July 10, 1998
        Place:   Anaheim, CA

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