Re: Consolidation services (Simonetta Pasqualis) Marcia Tuttle 29 May 1998 12:57 UTC

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Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 10:53:46 +0100 (WETDST)
Subject: Re: Consolidation services (Barbara Rauch)

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> Date: Mon, 25 May 1998 12:44:38 NZST+1200
> From: Barbara Rauch <barbara.rauch@AIT.AC.NZ>
> Subject: Consolidation services
> Can anyone recommend a consolidation service provider?
> We are looking to outsource our book processing and consolidate our
> serials. We would also want to be able to download the OCLC records
> to our system.
> Why would you recommend them?
> How did you go about selecting the right supplier?
> What have you lost/given up  with outsourcing?
> What mistakes can we avoid?
> You could reply to me direct, but I expect others will be interested.
> Auckland Institute of Technology
> Auckland, New Zealand.

Dear colleague, last year we had to go through an EEC tender for journals
subscriptions because of our budget : in the tender we asked for a
consolidation service for US titles, and for the so-called Extra-Cee and
Extra-Usa titles (World Scientific etc.). The tender was won by Ebsco,
and so far I am very satisfied with the service : we receive the journals
by DHL service every week, I saw that the titles are despatched on a
certain date and we receive them two days after, which is great and users
are appreciating it very much. I hope this can help, have a nice day
downunder, Simonetta Pasqualis

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