Serials check-in/claims (Caroline Barnes) Stephen Clark 06 May 1998 20:17 UTC

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Date: Wed, 6 May 1998 14:46:34 -0500
From: Caroline Barnes <cbarnes@LIBBY.RBLS.LIB.IL.US>
Subject: Serials check-in/claims

EDITOR'S NOTE:  Please respond to Caroline Barnes.  Caroline, would you
mind summarizing for the list?

What I would really like to know-

1. where are serials physically checked-in on a daily basis
        Technical Services
        Circulation Services
        Reference Services

2. who checks in serials on a daily basis
        full-time staff person who does it every day
        part-time staff persons who do it some days
        student workers who do it during their shift

3. are you maintaining a manual kardex

4. are you using the automatic check-in function sold by your jobber

5. are you using an automated check-in system from someone else

6. if yes to #5, who/what

7. are you satisfied with it

8. have you seen a reduction in the number of problems with claimed
        issues, etc.

9. do you use a bindery for long term storage/preservation

10. do you shelve current issues in a separate location from bound volumes

Please fax to the number below.  Thanks!

Caroline Barnes
Black Hawk College Library
6600 34th Ave.
Moline, IL 61265
(309)796-1311, ext. 1119