Hunt for ILS software Snider@ACT.ORG 11 May 1998 17:14 UTC

  Hello all,
     We are still in the throes of deciding what software system we will
  move to.  We currently have EOSi's Professional series, and since the
  vendor will no longer support this dos-based system past February 1999,
  we are on the hunt.  The upgrade to Pro is Q but it is in version 1 which
  concerns me, and serials and acquisitions won't be available for quite
  awhile.  Would any of you kind folks out there mind sharing your
  experiences with me?  I am looking into SydneyPlus, Endeavor's Voyager,
  Sirsi's Unicorn, etc.  Thank you so much. Please send me a personal

  Jacqueline Snider
  ACT Library