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Natalie Gorvin wrote:>>>>Subject: Supplements to Acta Radiologica & others

Can someone tell me whether supplements #413 and #414 to ACTA
RADIOLOGICA are from Vol. 38, 1997, or Vol. 39, 1998?  Yesterday I did
receive Suppl. #415 (which belongs with Vol. 39, 1998),  but since I ...[]

I also have a more general question about irregular supplements.  How
do other people determine when a volume is complete and can be bound;
i.e., how do you know whether there are any supplements outstanding
for which you should wait or perhaps submit a claim?  I have noticed that
even the journals that publish volume contents at the end of a volume do
not always list the supplements there.  On occasion we have had a
volume bound, only to receive after the fact a supplement that belonged
with that volume.    Is this a problem peculiar only to medical journals?
I shall appreciate hearing other perspectives.<<<<

We consider the serial publication "Acta radiologica. Supplementum" (issn
0365-5954) to be a separate serial publication. The numbering is: 1-...
(Perhaps that is also the reason why the yearly contents page of the main
publication does not contain any reference to these?)
The most recent no. is therefore: "415", not: vol. 39 (1998), suppl. 415.

You'll know there are numbers missing when you don't have a complete run from
1 to wherever we are now.

Such serial suppl. publications - which require a separate description - are
placed on a different call number; they are not bound with volume(s) of the
main publication from the same period.

Imo this is not exclusive, or even peculiar, to medical journals. Many
journals publish a serial supplement publication.
N.B the serial supplement publication to a journal is - more often than not -
not a journal but a monograph series, and the separate issues are described
as such.

'Irregular' supplements i.e. incidental suppl. are a different matter. We
have no real problems with receiving them. They are placed on the same call
number and bound with the volume. If necessary/desirable they are also
described as a monograph: special issue.
As far as I know we receive them when they are published; at least, there is
no check on whether any have been published that we've missed.

Greetings, Anneke Houtkamp

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