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>Am I missing something?  ISSN 1094-3633 is for <Conde Nast Sports for
>Women.>  If the title is now <Conde Nast Women's Sports & Fitness> then
>it needs a new(er) ISSN.

I was just looking at this the other day.  This is what it looks like to me:

        #1.     Women's sports and fitness (ISSN 8750-653X)

                [was bought by Conde Nast; they shut it down with v. 20, no. 4]

        #2.     Conde Nast sports for women (ISSN 1094-3633)

                [changed its title to #3]

        #3.     Women's sports & fitness (ISSN of former title is printed in issue;
don't know if ISSN Center has assigned a new number yet)

                [title change from #2]

Was #2 never held by a CONSER library?  The OCLC record (37136331) is still
a prepub record!

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