Re: adding the 780 with no piece in hand... (Karen Nadeski) Marcia Tuttle 26 May 1998 13:20 UTC

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Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 18:09:50 -0500
From: Karen Nadeski <knadeski@MEDUSA.SBS.UMASS.EDU>
Subject: Re: adding the 780 with no piece in hand... (Charlene N Simser)

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> Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 10:47:52 -0500
> From: Charlene N Simser <>
> Subject: adding the 780 with no piece in hand...
> I have a new title in hand--Connection.  Based on information from the
> publisher, I have the first issue (April 1997) and I know the name of the
> previous title--Communique.  As I mentioned in the subject
> header above, I do not have any issues of Communique and cannot
> find a record for it on OCLC.  If there was a record, I would
> expect to find it with a uniform title main entry.  (If someone else finds
> it, mea culpa!)
> For my new record with title Connection (qualified by corporate
> body), do I input:
> 780 00 $t Communique
> or
> 780 00 $t Communique (American Association for Accreditation of Laboratory
> Animal Care)

I would use the second 780.  There are times the only place the previous title
can be found is in the piece in hand, so I'd use the information there.  It can
always be corrected later, but that's all you know at point of cataloging.

It's not really surprising that you can find no record in OCLC.  It doesn't
sound like a title too many libraries would have and of those that do, some
might not consider it important enough to catalog, especially if it's a current
awareness tool.

Karen Nadeski

Karen Nadeski
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