New Periodicals Librarian Seeking Vendor Information (6 messages) Marcia Tuttle 26 May 1998 13:33 UTC


Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 13:43:00 -0700
From: Ingrid Jones <injones@JFKU.EDU>
Subject: Re: New Periodicals Librarian seeking vendor info.

Hello all.  Regarding Linda Orr's comments on EBSCO's service possibly
varying depending upon library size, I want to add my two cents that we are
a very small university (total of only 2,500 students or so) with a library
staff of only 15 and about 650 active journal titles, but we receive
absolutely outstanding service from EBSCO's San Mateo branch in the SF Bay
Area.  They've even helped us out by providing (free of charge) MARC records
that we downloaded as part of our conversion from a manual system to
Innovative's serials module.  I'm betting that the quality of service
received hinges on many variables, one of which being who your rep is!
Given our divergent experiences with EBSCO's service, I would suggest
checking with other libraries in your area who work with EBSCO and have a
similar collection.  No doubt they would give you the inside scoop.

Ingrid K. Jones, Library Assistant - Serials
Robert M. Fisher Library
12 Altarinda Road
John F. Kennedy University
Orinda, CA 94563


Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 16:14:50 EST
From: Lauren Corbett <>
Subject: Re: New Periodicals Librarian Seeking... (2 messages)

I have to say that the last library I worked in contained about
117,000 volumes serving about 1600 students and we only had about 600
subscriptions and Ebsco did a marvelous job.  I don't think the size
of the library matters.  I don't think the service center matters
either.  I worked with the one in Birmingham and got great service
while I have heard others complain about Ebsco's service from that
very same center.  Perhaps it depends more upon your service center
contact than upon the vendor you use.

Lauren Corbett
Serials Services Librarian
Old Dominion University
Norfolk, VA
(757) 683-4144


Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 14:12:29 -0400 (EDT)
From: Sherry Petry <>
Subject: Re: New Periodicals Librarian seeking vendor info. (Anne Stovall)

Sounds like you're as frustrated as I am, Anne.  I have no solutions, but
I have all your problems.  Part of our trouble is the number of people
involved right here before we ever get to the vendor.  One person does
checking in and claiming, I make professional decisions, someone else
actually makes contact with the vendor.  Takes too much time, and we've
had staff turnover, so things slip through the cracks.

Our vendor is EBSCO.  One of my biggest complaints with them right now is
that they don't seem to renew our subscriptions with precisely the same
name and address.  This causes all those duplicate issues from computers
that don't know that Atlanta-Fulton Pub Lib is the same as Atlanta
Fulton PL.  Most of our publications come without problem, but it's that
rotating 5% that raise my blood pressure.  But I think I'm not alone.

Sherry Petry                  
Periodicals Department                  404-730-1917
Atlanta-Fulton Public Library
1 Margaret Mitchell Sq.
Atlanta, GA  30303

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                not represent the Atlanta-Fulton
                Public Library


Date: Sun, 24 May 1998 09:13:27 -0400
From: melinton@ALISON.SBC.EDU
Subject: Re: New Periodicals Librarian seeking vendor info. (Anne Stovall)

Hi Ann--I've been with EBSCO and Faxon as a customer. Faxon repeatedly
ignored my claims, our Faxon rep. actually stood up the serials staff of
the consortium for a scheduled meeting, and one year Faxon took our money
and held it until we and other libraries started yelling, then paid all our
subscriptions 6-8 months late. I hear that they will be seriously affected
by the year 2000 bug.

EBSCO has mostly handled our claims in a timely manner. Our rep. stops by
regularly to see us, they warehouse recent issues of popular magazines so
that if you miss a particular issue you can often get it from their
"missing copy bank" at no extra charge, they will run reports for you at no
extra charge, and they have EBSCONet on-line -- its easier to use than
Ulrich's and I don't think there is a charge for it either. I have never
worked for them -- I'm just an unofficial cheerleader. EBSCO is great!

Liz Linton -- M.L.S.
Serials Librarian/Web Developer

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Date: Mon, 25 May 1998 09:21:45 +0300
From: "[iso-8859-1] �������[iso-8859-1]  ������" <kmpalta@IT.TEITHE.GR>
Subject: Re: New Periodicals Librarian seeking vendor info. (Anne Stovall)

Dear Ann,
since 1996 our library is working with Swets Subscription Agency and we are
really pleased with their services. Claiming, dublicates, innvoice control
and dealing with several publishers used to be our problems as well but
since Swets took over serials work flow became easier and Serials
Department staff has more time to deal with other things besides
publishers! You can always take a look at the company's official web site
or you are welcome for more info from our library

Kyriaki Balta
University of Macedonia
Serials Department

156 Egnatia Str.
P.O.Box 1591


Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 20:22:10 -0400
From: jkonchel <jkonchel@RUST.NET>
Subject: Vendor info

I am surprised to read the negative response about Ebsco.  I am new to
serials also but have found that Ebsco has provided the best customer
service of any vendor I have dealt with thus far.  Walsh College Library
has a small but very focused collection of business related materials
and Ebsco has served us very well.  In fact, about a month ago, Ebsco
held a workshop in Lansing, Michigan, that was invaluable to me as a new
serials librarian.

Eve Davis (a librarian) and Terri Fenner from Ebsco gave the group
excellent information about the serials biz and how to work our way
through any number of serials situations.  I also have a terrific Ebsco
customer service rep in Chicago, Jill Mungle, who has not failed to
answer any fax, e-mail, or phone call in a timely, helpful, and
informative manner.  I still deal with some publishers directly (but not
for much longer) and am always frustrated by their response time (some
have taken literally months to respond) to any inquiries I have made.

In my experience with Ebsco, the size of our collection has not mattered
at all.  Perhaps contacting Ebsco and asking for a new customer service
rep would help.

Denise Konchel
Walsh College Library
Troy, Michigan