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I am somewhat surprised at the problems people have had with Ebsco.
You do have to remember that it takes cooperation on both sides. The
better I communicate with my rep, the better service I get.

I have had a couple of different reps out of the Denver office. I think
we created quite a repoire. The first rep I had actually taught me --over
the phone -- how to do serials. Not an easy thing to do.  That was in 1987.

The biggest problem we seem to have is the publishers not wanting to
respond to Ebsco. Believe me, this was much worse direct. I think
Ebsco may have a bit more clout than an individual company.

I do think communication does have a lot to do with the service. I e-mail
or phone my rep often and we sometimes spend time asking about the weather
or the grandkids, etc. Sometimes, I do not make clear what I am asking or
want so she has to ask me to explain. Then I have to think of another way
of looking at the request. Sometimes, she has to do the explaining. But we
keep at it.

If I haven't heard anything in a reasonable time, I contact her again
& she lets me know where things stand & contacts the publisher again.
Quite often by phone or fax.

As long as we are dealing with people and yes, machines, there are going
to be some problems. And the rep you get may be great but your personalties
may just clash -- for no particular reason.

I have been very happy with Ebsco. Of course, they have taught me a lot
of what I know about serials. And they answer my *dumb* question w/o
making me feel dumb.


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