ALA program announcement - OCLC Union List User Group RC Dowd 22 Jun 1998 16:33 UTC

OCLC Union List User Group ALA Meeting Program

Sunday June 28, 1:30 - 3:00 PM
Washington Convention Center, Room 7

If you always thought union-listing was tedious because more than one
catalog needed updating, then this program is for you.  OCLC has developed
an automated LDR batch update process that takes local (OPAC) holdings
data and transfers all of it to the OCLC Union List.  Local data records
(LDRs) reflect institutional holdings with no manual input necessary.
Speakers Ellen Caplan, Cecelia Boone, and Richard Reeb will respectively
represent OCLC, a library consortium, and a university library.  Reports
on the pilot project will relate; 1) what happened that was expected, 2)
what happened that was unexpected but should have been anticipated, 3)
what happened that in no way could have been predicted, and 4) based on
the pilot projects, what recommendations can be made to those interested
in the OCLC Local Data Record Updating Service..  Bring questions, as
panelists are eager to discuss their involvement!

Bob Dowd, Chair
OCLC Union List User Group