ALA Discussion Group: Vendor Database as Library Workhorse Christa Easton 22 Jun 1998 22:24 UTC

        Automated Acquisitions/In-Process Control Systems
                Discussion Group

        Monday, June 29, 9:30-11:30
        Doubletree State Rm.

        The Vendor Database as Library Workhorse

Vendor databases have become an increasingly valuable
resource as they have become interactive.  However,
libraries that ordered online were initially faced with
double work to key into their own ILS or split data.  Eric
Redmond, of Blackwell's will describe his company's project
to eliminate this double work.

In partnership with several libraries, Blackwell's has
developed a system for automatically loading order records
into the ILS.  Other vendors are engaged in similar
development, and the Discussion Group welcomes the book and
serials vendors, ILS vendors, and libraries involved in
this work to join us to discuss how these changes, and
vendor databases in general, affect the way that work is

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