Free The Electronic Journals! Kimberly J. Laird 25 Jun 1998 20:22 UTC

The information at the bottom of the message is taken from
Academe Today, the online  version of the Chronicle of Higher

When I read Serialst this morning, the thought crossed my  mind
"Free The Electronic Journals!" and I realized that the old
"funny" about the student who upon reading "Bound Journals"
wrote the word free in front of the word Bound. I think this
took place in the sixties. Perhaps this newsflash about allowing
ILLs from electronic journals is a step in the right direction,
to insure good access to information for everyone.

But then, I'd also like to live in a world that doesn't live by
the law of money... <g>

*  THE LARGEST PUBLISHER of scientific journals has decided to
   allow libraries that subscribe to its electronic journals to
   fill interlibrary-loan requests for articles from them.

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