ALA Meeting Announcement (Andrea Vanek) Stephen Clark 17 Jun 1998 20:51 UTC

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Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 09:27:52 -0700
From: Andrea Vanek <avanek@LIBRARY.BERKELEY.EDU>
Subject: ALA Meeting Announcement

Cross-posted. Please excuse duplication.

Newspaper Users Discussion Group Meeting
Saturday, June 27
The Madison Hotel, Executive Chambers

Please join us for a discussion about foreign newspapers and U.S. ethnic
newspapers in research libraries, smaller academic, and public libraries.
What are the needs and demands of library clientele, for research and for
current subscriptions? What are libraries able to provide? What are
their collection policies, their preservation and storage capabilities?

Linda Naru, CRL, will give the group an update on the activities of
the International Coalition on Newspapers (ICON), which was formed as the
result of the 1997 Symposium on Access to and Preservation of Global

Various other newspaper projects will be discussed: the University of
Washington web-based, multi-media project: Ethnic and Special Audience
Newspapers of the Pacific Northwest: A Multimedia Bibliography; a
University of California librarians' research proposal to develop a
searchable bibliographic database with scanned images of rare Asian
American newspapers published in California.

Other newspaper related topics are welcome.

A vice-chair/chair-elect will be selected. If you are interested in this
position, please e-mail the current chair.

For more information, contact: Andrea Vanek, Chair.