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USMARC HOLDINGS FORMAT WORKSHOP (Cathy Kellum) Marcia Tuttle 08 Jul 1998 16:07 UTC

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Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998 11:51:40 -0400
From: Cathy Kellum <ckellum@SOLINET.NET>

        to be co-sponsored by NASIG and SOLINET

     Is the USMARC Holdings Format part of your library system? Perhaps you
     are working with one of the many new implementations of the Format in
     an integrated library system and you're wondering what information the
     codes are intended to convey. Or you're contemplating systems on the
     market and wondering whether the Holdings Format is worth adding to
     the contract? NASIG and SOLINET, in their first jointly sponsored
     workshop, are happy to present a closer look at the MARC Format for
     Holdings Data (MFHD):
          * Its origin and development
          * Its structure and content
          * Its local, and international, scope
          * Its advantages and problem areas for storage, manipulation,
                and communication of holdings data
          * Its relationship to NISO holdings display standards
          * Its future as collections evolve and diversify

     In looking at the format, we will also look at libraries:
          * What benefits do they expect from the automation of their
          * What can they do with data they already have that may be
                unstructured or in some other format?
          * How can we accommodate those pesky problems like multiple
                versions and title changes?
          * What is the potential for sharing holdings data?

     Registration Deadline:  THURSDAY, JULY 23

     Cost:  60.00   SOLINET Members
            60.00   Non-SOLINET & FEDLINK

     Workshop Date/Time:        August 8, 1998  9:00-4:00
     Location:                  Fairfield Inn - Midtown
                                Atlanta, Georgia

     Use a regular SOLINET workshop registration form, OR email the
     following information to Andy Jones []:

     Name of participant
     Name of institution
     Address of institution
     OCLC symbol
     Title of Workshop