Replacement costs for storm damaged periodicals (Jay Nordstrom) Marcia Tuttle 14 Jul 1998 18:49 UTC

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Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 11:14:28 -0500
From: Jay Nordstrom <jay@GAC.EDU>
Subject: Replacement costs for storm damaged periodicals

Hello Serial Listers,
A general question from a serialister who is in dire need of assistance.
Because of lack of free time in our rebuilding procedures, I was wondering
if anyone can give me either a web address or a figure on how to estimate
replacement costs for storm damaged/recycled(tossed) periodicals?  I know
ALA has a suggested figure for monograph titles considering accession, OCLC
cataloging cost, and cost for cataloger to recatalog replacement but I am
unaware of a figure in replacement of periodicals. (and can't locate the
exact area in ALA web pages to find my answer.)  Your assistance in finding
this information will be greatly appreciated from a serials person who is
busier than normal! (If that can actually happen.)  Please send your
responses to me directly and thanks in advance.

Ms. Jay Nordstrom
Serials Coordinator
Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library               Phone-(507) 933-7562
Gustavus Adolphus College                       Fax:  (507) 933-6292
St. Peter,  MN  56082-1498