Serials Management Standalone Software (Joe H. Rose) Marcia Tuttle 16 Jul 1998 12:31 UTC

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Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998 16:54:29 -0400
From: "Joe H. Rose" <4buds@GTE.NET>
Subject: Serials Management Standalone Software

Serials folks,

I sure could use any information you could provide about standalone
serials management and/or control software.  I did a search on the
archives and noticed that several have asked this question before, but the
results have not been posted -- or else there was no advice given.  The
last reference I got was in 1997, so I hope this question hasn't been
asked too recently.

We are in a situation where the automation software used by my small
college library does not have a serials module, nor do I expect one in the
near future.  As there is no possibility to change automation products now
(nor in the near future)  I need to investigate standalone serials
management software.  I've obtained a demo of "Magazine Manager" and the
one from Right On Programs.  Are there any others that someone on the list
has used and found adequate -- or (dare I hope)  "stellar"?  Any that are
Windows based?

I looked on the Internet for those referenced in a couple of messages from
1995 or 1996, but it seems that some of these have apparently gone defunct
in the intervening two years.

Anyway, any help from you all out there would be most welcome.


Joe H. Rose
Chatlos Library, Florida College