Financial statements (Julia Gelfand) Marcia Tuttle 17 Jul 1998 14:25 UTC

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Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 18:02:16 -0700
From: Julia Gelfand <jgelfand@SUN1.LIB.UCI.EDU>
Subject: Financial statements

Examples of financial statements needed:

        In order to put together a workbook to accompany a preconference
on interpreting financial statements and creating appropriate budgets for
library or publishing organizations, it would be helpful if you could
contribute and share "real time, real-life examples" of financial
statements. Please be reassured that all indications of source or
attributions to institutional/organizational origin will be eliminated.
Librarians, publishers, and information professionals are challenged by
how to estimate, cost-out, charge for and/or recover and review all
expenses related to their products, services, overhead, future growth and
human resources associated with defining their collections and resources.
If interested in the preconference, consider attending the Charleston
Conference Preconference, Wed, Nov 4, 1998.  Please send all examples of
financial statements to David Lang by fax at 949-833-2786, or c/o HBLA,
19600 Fairchild, Suite #320, Irvine, CA  92612 or contact by
e-mail at by August 17.  Thank you.