Intelligent Software Agents for E-Serials Gerry McKiernan 30 Aug 1998 16:01 UTC

             _Intelligent Software Agents for E-Serials_

   In a recently complete, soon-to-be-published Think Piece for a
major Technical Services newsletter, I speculate on the potential
application and use of Intelligent Software Agents for Collection
Development. For a companion article due later this Fall for a major
Serials journal, I will expanding this vision to consider the
potential and possible application of Intelligent Agents for identifying,
organizing and managing E-Serials.

   For my review, I am greatly interested in learning about any and all
commercial or experimental efforts on the part of vendors (or Others)
to automate various processes associated with the identification, organization
and management of e-journals through the use of Software Agents, or like

  For a good overview of Intelligent Software Agents, Interested Folk
are invited to visit my LibraryAgents(sm) project that provides links to key
Intelligent Software Agent resources at the following URL:

  As always, Any and All citations, sources, queries, questions, comments,
critiques, etc. are Most Welcome


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