OCLC Type Code Editing Capability (Robert Bremer) ERCELAA@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu 14 Aug 1998 21:26 UTC

Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 17:21:25 -0400
From: "Bremer,Robert" <bremerr@OCLC.ORG>
Subject: OCLC Type Code Editing Capability

Type Code Editing Capability

The "Type of Record" code (USMARC Leader/06) is the one-character
alphabetic code that helps differentiate most records for the various
bibliographic formats.  When a record has been entered into WorldCat,
the OCLC Online Union Catalog, with an incorrect Type Code, searches
qualified by format will not yield accurate results.

Recent changes in USMARC due to format integration, reflecting the shift
toward coding bibliographic record Type Codes for record content rather
than physical carrier, have resulted in an increased need for libraries
to edit Type Codes.  Until now, the OCLC system has limited users'
ability to change Type Codes within a given bibliographic format (for
instance, i/j or g/k/r/o) only.  All Type Code changes between
bibliographic formats and all Type Code changes to WorldCat master
records had to be reported to OCLC, where they would be done within 24
hours of receipt.

Beginning immediately, OCLC Passport software users with any
authorization level Limited and above, will be able to change the Type
Code on all unlocked or locally edited bibliographic records to any
other valid Type Code value.  This will allow users to continue work on
such records without serious disruption of workflow.  OCLC encourages
users to continue reporting Type Code changes as before (by phone,
electronically, or on paper), so that master records in WorldCat can be

A Type Code change is accomplished by overtyping the incorrect Type Code
with the correct one, then pressing <F11>.  The record will redisplay
with the fixed-field mnemonics of the new Type of Record.  Further
editing of the redisplayed fixed field (and possibly other elements in
the record) will be necessary before the record will pass validation.

This enhancement will be included in OCLC CatME for Windows software
version 1.10 and CJK software version 3.0.  OCLC expects to release
these new versions of workstation software in early 1999.

CONSER Authorizations

In addition to the capabilities outlined above, users with CONSER
National and CONSER Regular cataloging authorizations can lock and
replace master records to change the Type Code on records in which the
"Bibliographic Level" (USMARC Leader/07) is coded b or s.  To edit the
Type Code, follow the same procedure on a locked record as outlined
above for unlocked or locally edited bibliographic records.

This capability should only be used to correct Type Codes on existing
records to match current definitions for the Type Code values.  For
example, if a textual computer file serial has been cataloged on the
computer files workform, the record can be locked, and the Type Code can
be changed from m to a.  Once other necessary edits are completed, a
CONSER National or CONSER Regular user can replace the record.  Type
Codes should only be changed to reflect the item described in the body
of the record.  For example, do not change a Type Code to convert a
record representing a hardcopy publication to represent the remote
access version of that publication.

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