lens focusing ring - fiche readers Bobbye L. McCarter 19 Aug 1998 12:08 UTC

We have a number of Micro Design 900 series microfiche readers
(specifically 955) and are in need of knowing where to purchase the lens
focusing rings (which our physical plant calls 0-rings).  We have had these
machines for a number of years and they still function very well but we
have never been able to locate replacements for the rings.  Our physical
plant has been making them for us for several years but cannot always do it
when needed.  Hardware stores take one look and say they cannot help us.
Being a small town, we do not have any av outlets.

We would appreciate any information which might help us locate a source for
these rings.  Our original dealer says he cannot supply them and does not
know how we would get them.  The name and company may not exist anymore or
perhaps has merged wtih someone else???

Thanks for any assistance.

Bobbye L. McCarter blm@canes.gsw.edu
Serials Librarian
James E. Carter Library
Georgia Southwestern State University
800 Wheatley Street
Americus, GA  31709